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Located near Cervione, our hotel provides an ideal starting point to explore the region at your own pace. From peaceful beaches to picturesque villages.

Discover Corsica from north to south.

Around the hotel


The Costa Verde, on the east coast of Corsica, is a beautiful place. Between the sea and the mountains, you’ll find beautiful beaches with soft sand and clear water. The green mountains are dotted with villages. For nature lovers, there are beautiful hikes to be had along the numerous trails, discovering incredible views. History enthusiasts can visit villages and ancient monuments along the coast. The Costa Verde is an authentic and diverse place, perfect for discovering new things at every moment.

Nearby region

and its jewels

The Castagniccia is an emblematic region of Corsica, renowned for its extensive chestnut forests covering its rolling hills. Located in the mountains in the interior of the island, this region offers an enchanting landscape with its picturesque villages of stone houses, ancient churches, and winding hiking trails.

The Castagniccia is also famous for its gastronomy, showcasing the delights of the chestnut through a variety of traditional dishes and unique local products.

Nearby region


The Casinca is a picturesque region of Corsica, located on the eastern coast of the island near the hotel. Famous for its green hills, perched villages, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Casinca offers a unique blend of preserved natural landscapes and ancient stories.

Taste a local cuisine rich in Mediterranean flavors and discover authentic villages. With its charm, the Casinca is a must-visit destination to discover the soul of Corsica.

A little further...but not too much

cap corse
Restonica &
Alta rocca

From the majestic tip of Cap Corse to the impressive gorges of Restonica, and the high ridges of Alta Rocca, Corsica offers a dazzling diversity of landscapes.

Cap Corse captivates with its steep cliffs, hidden coves, and picturesque fishing villages.

Descending towards the south, Restonica unveils its crystal-clear waters and pine forests, offering a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

Then, in Alta Rocca, rugged mountains and natural pools beckon adventurers.

Nature and sport


You can also go hiking on the surrounding trails, practice water sports such as paddleboarding and jet skiing, as well as horseback riding and bike rides (with rental available) on the bike paths along the property.

Artisans and Producers

of Artisans and

You can also explore many local producers and artisans located not far from the hotel and purchase their products: olive oil, honey, Cervione hazelnuts and related products, Corsican cheeses and wines.

Book your stay at Hotel Orizonte now for a relaxing, authentic experience in harmony with the nature of Upper Corsica.